Summer Camps

Searching for summer activities? We have Martial Arts Summer Camps in 2017 for kids ages 4 to 14.

Action packed summer day camp for kids 4 to 14, starting July 10, 2017. Less than 20 spots left now.

Located in Pittsburgh’s historical Strip District & in Cranberry, our summer camp features authentic Brazilian Jiujitsu, sports, team-building exercises, and tons of activities.

Each session runs Monday-Friday from 9am-4:30pm. (8:30-9am drop-off time until 4:45-5:30pm pickup time)

Additional family members can receive a discount. (25% for 2nd & additional family members).

We offer 3 sessions in July 2017 (July 10th-14th, 17th-21st & 24th-28th) with a multi-week discount available too.

Enroll now, because available spaces fill-up quickly!

Summer Camp Registration – Have one child, register now for $299/week by filling form here.

We offer early registration discounts, family discounts, and referral discounts. Signing up multiple children, or one child for multiple weeks? Ask about our discounts by contacting us.

Call 412-888-9797 or email us at for more details!

How will your child be spending the summer?

Are you worried about keeping your child busy this summer? Want to make sure they don’t spend the whole vacation in front of the TV? Searching for summer activities? Then consider Stout Training Pittsburgh kids martial arts summer camp.Your child will stay active, have fun, learn valuable life skill. Here are a few great reasons to sign up.

A good summer camp boosts confidence and self-esteem.

Kids feel a sense of accomplishment every day during our martial arts summer camp. Why? Because it’s refreshing to conquer new challenges outside of the academic and social structures that often shape their lives at school. Learning a new skill gives your child confidence, and it’s a break from the usual tasks they’re assigned.

Help your kids develop better interpersonal skills.

Summer camp helps children broaden their social skills. They’ll learn to get along with new types of people and have the chance to interact with children outside of their immediate age group. At our martial arts summer camp, there are children from various schools and areas, so your children will be sure to meet new friends. One of the magical things about summer camp is that it gives your child a break from the social pressures they may face at school. They can relax, be themselves, and make new friends easily. At our martial arts summer camp children always feel welcome.

Combat childhood obesity by keeping your kids active.

These days, many children lead sedentary lifestyles. Summer is a time where kids aren’t required to sit still in a classroom. They have all day to use their energy, and our martial arts camp embraces that.

Allow kids to unplug from technology. Children spend so much time in front of a screen. But when kids get to take a break from TV, video games, and the internet, they get back in touch with their creative selves and learn to enjoy being active.

Stout Training Kids

More than Just punching and Kicking.

Campers will engage in a variety of high-energy activities, including dodgeball, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, day hikes, tug-of-war, and more!

Counselors are not only enthusiastic and positive role models, but are thoroughly trained and possess current CPR/AED and PA Child Clearances.

At our summer camp we practice life skills such as focus (through fun guided meditation/visualization exercises), bully prevention (through role-playing games), real world self-defense that recognizes that situational awareness is the most important component.

We also provide healthy snacks during the day. (Please pack a peanut free bagged lunch for your child daily).

Camp is conveniently schedule from 8:30-9am drop-off time until 4:45-5:30pm pickup time Monday Through Friday.

Ages 4-14 Welcome. No prior martial arts experience needed. Each week limited to 22 participants.

For Summer 2017 we will be running three consecutive weeks of camps during the weeks of July 10th-14th, 17th-21st & 24th-28th.

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